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Bila Tserkva Strategic Development Agency


Bila Tserkva Strategic Development Agency was founded in 2016 as a driver of positive changes in Bila Tserkva and the rayon. The Agency develops and implements projects on social and economic development of the city.


Our mission: 

Promote implementation of city development strategy “Bila Tserkva 2025" by providing research and creative support during the process; attract extra budgetary and other resources for the city development projects; establish partnering relationships with sister cities and donor organizations.


Main Objectives:

·         Implement Bila Tserkva Development Strategy until 2025;

·         Improve Bila Tserkva investment attractiveness and develop business climate;

·         Attract investment;

·         Improve international activity;

·         Establishing communication between public, government and business.

The key objectives of the project until 2025 include:


Up to $250 million in investment



new jobs


50% decline in commuting


1 million tourists


Bila Tserkva Development Strategy until 2025

Bila Tserkva Development Strategy until 2025 is a roadmap and important tool of the city improvement which meets the challenges of the XXI century.


The strategy was developed based on extensive dialogue and cooperation between different partners, citizens, public activists, public authorities, business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators and scientific experts. Meetings were held with more than 4000 citizens, employees of major enterprises and state-funded organizations. Moreover, there also were held two strategic sessions and eight thematic interviews within the focus groups.

​                                                                 ​

​ Bila Tserkva Development Strategy until 2025 has four key priorities: development and strengthening of civil society, promotion of entrepreneurship, construction of good governance system and improvement of living standards.

Our projects

Small and Medium Entrepreneurship School (SME School)

SME School is an education project which is being implemented by Municipal Enterprise “Bila Tserkva Strategic Development Agency” jointly with Vasyl Khmelnytsky’s fund – K.Fund.

The aim of the School is to promote entrepreneurship in Bila Tserkva and the rayon. We strive to provide entrepreneurs with modern high-quality knowledge as well as efficient and practical business skills, considering the different level of the participants’ experience. Students also will be able to get advice from the experts.

The University provides alternative education for local government representatives and elected officials, as well as for entrepreneurs, NGOs, activists and the citizens. The program provides various education approaches: seminars, workshops, thematic meetings, conferences, study tours etc. Similar education projects for local self-government have not been held in Ukraine yet.

Cluster Initiatives

This initiative was started by Bila Tserkva Strategic Development Agency in early 2017. The first created cluster was a tourist cluster "Tourist Bila Tserkva". The work on the creation of a furniture cluster and an agrarian cluster has already started.

The cluster is a branch, territorial and voluntary association of businesses that closely cooperate with scientific (educational) institutions, public organizations and local authorities in order to increase the competitiveness of their products and promote economic development of the region.

Municipal analytical geographic information system (maGIS)
Municipal University

The system contains information on the city’s general plan, land register, zoning, utility systems, temporary structures location, socio-cultural objects, urban planning documentation, raster base, register of addresses, streets and other facilities, etc.

The availability of the system basic information will help to avoid conflicts during the construction of new objects and to find all the necessary information about a particular area of ​​the city, what properties are located on it and available resources, etc.

Tourism 2025

Tourism is a priority for the city. Bila Tserkva Development Strategy until 2025 has an operational objective “Entrepreneurship” where clearly stated that until 2025 the city should have 1 million tourists. As consequence, the city will have a high level of investment attractiveness and a positive business climate.

This project is comprehensive and aimed at increasing the capacity of the tourism and recreational infrastructure by attracting domestic and foreign investments. It is one of the priorities of socioeconomic and cultural development of Bila Tserkva. The money spent by tourists in the city is a direct investment in the tourism and recreational complex.

Society development

According to Bila Tserkva Development Strategy until 2025 civil society development is one of the strategic priorities.

By 2025 Bila Tserkva should become a city with a powerful community where citizens will become an important part of social, political and economic changes. A multilateral decision-making process in the city will be made. Tools and mechanisms will be created for citizens to participate in decision-making, strategic planning and government control processes.



09100 Ukraine,

Bila Tserkva,

Alexandria Boulevard, 15

+38 067 689 48 38

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